July 4th, 2007

text//steve on my phone! - me


Nineteen days.

I'm going to London in nineteen days.

I'm going to see Steve in nineteen days.


Slept in this morning, swithered about calling in sick or not, but valiantly made it into work. Kinda glad I did because now I can get the pile of work on my desk done and out of the way and have STEVE!! to look forward to. *g*

smileawhile - got your text - I'd love to catch up this weekend! I'll text you as soon as I can find someplace in the library that'll let me get a mobile reception!

fresleyforever - also got your text, *huggles*

aditu_az - emailed you a minute ago, DUDE!!

angelnetgirl - you know you really want to come see STEVE!!

I also posted some more Dark Angel drabbles last night. Completing my claim for June over at fic_variations and I'll be working on the Willow/Xander ones today to get them posted before the deadline of the 5th.

And.. killerweasel has posted a link to the completely insane Jonathon Woodward's latest insanity over at j_m_woodward. Probably not really work safe to be honest...
life begins - me


wenchpixie is just the absolute bestest person in the whole wide world ever!

Steve's show sold out. He announced a second show.

Thanks to Claire, I'm going to both!!!!!

Of course, I have to go back to work on the Wednesday because I don't have enough annual leave days left to take the whole week off, but hey - sleep is overrated!!


(ETA Cat? Claire got my bus tickets booked... would I be able to crash at your place for the second gig too? *hugs you*)