July 5th, 2007

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IT help request!

Friend of mine at work is having trouble with her new broadband connection and asked me earlier if there was anything I could suggest for her and I've not been able to come up with anything her friend hasn't already tried.

Basically she can get online okay, except for sites like Gmail, Hotmail and her Sky email. She's using Internet Explorer 6 (I think) and can't download IE7 because the computer doesn't open the download window. She's running XP and it is a genuine version of XP that came loaded onto the computer so it's not an upgrade.

She was having trouble with the ActiveX plug in as well, but that seems to have been sorted.

I did suggest she try Firefox (or another browser) in case it's a problem with IE itself (other than, y'know, IE kinda sucking out loud...)

Any suggestions?

(She previously had AOL but has removed it from the computer, I'm thinking it's maybe screwed with her Registry keys somewhere along the line?)

thedothatgirl - I got a little distracted by the squee last night so I didn't get to do any more work on the AVAs, today - I promise! (If you have a template file for your tables/layout that's all I'd need for the voting (as well as the final list of options))


I'm considering posting my Dark Angel drabbles to other sites/comms etc. Anyone have suggestions where I should be posting them? If I... y'know, actually get up the nerve to share them with people who've been in this fandom a helluva lot longer than I have...