July 6th, 2007

spn//don't panic!! - mata090680

Plot Bunnies must be exterminated.

Shoot me now and take away all my music collection... I heard this song this morning and thought it would make a passable vid, but now it's triggering all sorts of fic plot bunnies and dammit, I don't write SPN het... But I think I'm going to have to in this case...

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And also, while you're dishing out random punishments, stop me winding up annoying cleaner woman... "I'll tell you Shona, I don't usually get down on my hands and knees..." and "I'm gonna wear a hole in these trousers..."

yes, I am eight years old.

angelnetgirl - we don't get phone reception in the library so I'll answer here - absolutely not a problem!
aditu_az - awesome! Meet acrazywench!
acrazywench? aditu_az has a place you can stay for the Steve gig!
thedothatgirl - will email you very, very soon. T'was all stormy last night and I wasn't online.
kitty_cat89 - oh honey! When do you turn 18? I don't want to suggest anything illegal, but is there no way you can get passable ID for one night?

ETA yes I fail at drabbling, I didn't get my Willow/Xander drabbles completed for fic_variations. I still hope to do them, but...

And can I have a volunteer to spork my job? My big task for today is to update license agreements. Fine, not a problem, except... they're all written by lawyers and I can't understand them and I don't know what should be in the public view and what shouldn't be... this sucks. I'm a creative personality type - not a bloody desk jockey! :)