July 12th, 2007

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m'at work. Feel like I shouldn't be. m'tempted to go home again.

No one's done anything about answering queries, two people so far have taken their personal issues out on me already, my back hurts like hell and my stomach is killing me.


I was feeling better yesterday, now? I feel like shit again.

eta although one good thing - wenchpixie? I got your email this morning but had to leave the house before I could reply. SQUEE!
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day got better...

I started to feel almost human again by around three o'clock this afternoon (and I got to leave at 4 so it's all good...)

Got pissed off at people at work, ended up at second tea break I was the only person in the office actually working, which meant I had to get up and answer the queries at the desk twice. Not a problem normally, but today it was taking me ten minutes to walk the distance between my desk and the printer so getting up and answering questions? Not something I was keen to do.

Plus, I had to take a DDS (Document Delivery Service) payment by cheque - never done that, it was under five quid so I had to ask the DDS boss if there was a lower limit on cheques, she was on break and got all pissed off at me interrupting her, then she got pissed off when I tried to ring it through the till because it's a new till and isn't working. Yes, I saw the email from Monday saying the till wasn't operational but it would be within the day. Today's Thursday, by that email it should have been running for two days. It's really not my fault you didn't tell me it wasn't working yet.

And then, at exactly 15:46 (I emailed monkey_matt about it, that's how I know the time so accurately) the *other* person who should have been around to cover that tea break wandered in with a book in his hand and sat down. Of course there were no more queries from that point on but... (second break in twenty minutes from half three to ten to four, he came back with less than five minutes to spare).


I'm actually starting to feel better, I think the horse-strength antibiotics might be kicking in which is definitely a good thing because it means I can celebrate Winchester Day this weekend (which I learned today is a long weekend - who knew the library was closed on Monday? Not me...)

And STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon it will be the week of absolute madness when I go from one end of the country to the other to see this man not once, but twice. *grins* Me? Obsessed? What made you say that?

Now I'm off to go curl up around a hot water bottle and watch some more Dark Angel episodes whilst trying to sleep...