July 13th, 2007

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I used to stutter. I still do sometimes when I'm exceptionally stressed out. I went through speech therapy when I was a kid and I got over it. Because I had a hard time communicating when I was younger the one thing guaranteed to really make me angry is when someone tells me "you can't say that".

A couple of years ago  monkey_matt and I had a blazing row in the middle of the department about just that issue (yeah Monkey, it wasn't about whether to put salt in the water when cooking pasta, not after you told me I couldn't say that...)

The majority of the people reading this journal live in democratic countries. One of the basic tenets of democracy is freedom of speech. So you have a right to say anything you want, just as everyone else has the right to say the opposite, or to debate your point.

So when I see people on LiveJournal demanding that other users 'filter' posts that they disagree with it really puts my back up. Someone posts to LJ and - so long as they're not promoting illegal activity or contravening the ToS of the site - they are perfectly entitled to post whatever they want, as publicly as they want. They can say whatever they want.

If someone on that person's friendslist takes offence at what they've said, rather than demanding that the poster removes the content because it offends their poor innocent eyes, they should probably think about why that post/comment/whatever appeared on a page they frequent, and if they are so opposed to it, defriend the poster or remove them from their default flist view.*

They have no right to censor someone else's opinions.

They have every right to disagree with those opinions and say so, but trying to shut down someone else's freedom of expression? That is so far beyond not on.

Yes, there is a specific incident I have in mind here, and no I'm not going to link to it because I don't want either the original poster (who is on my flist) or the other party (who is not on my flist but who I am aware of through other friends) to be targeted as a result of what I have to say.

*I'm not talking about graphics here, it's common courtesy to post graphics (all graphics, not just ones which could be NSFW) behind a cut.
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life begins - me

Winchester Day Plans!

okay, now that the rant is off my chest I can share with y'all my Winchester Day plans:

- work till 5 (dammit, there's not enough people here to leave early...)
- get caught up in the traffic past the airport (Glasgow Fair Friday, busiest day every year at Glasgow Airport)
- go to the supermarket and hope they still have that offer on beer going.
- buy lots of beer and sweeties. (Strawberry laces... mmmm)
- head home and put the pizza in the oven (I have no pizza takeout anywhere near me that's worth buying from...)
- turn off the lights and my phone and watch the following films:
Wrong Turn (haven't actually watched it, I've watched other people watching it though. It's a strange way to watch a film!)
The Beast Must Die (Oh how I love that oh-so-cheerful big black Alsation werewolf!)
House of Wax (thank you aditu_az!)
John Carpenter's Vampires
and maybe Devour...

And of course there will be a couple of episodes of SPN in there as well just to remind me what the whole purpose of the day...

And there may be SPN fic. Maybe. For some reason I feel a bit odd writing R rated (or higher, it might get higher if the characters have their way) at work, even on lunchbreak... so if I can get over that uncomfortableness, there will be fic written today (might not be posted till later on in the weekend because this one will need some serious betaing first)

Speaking of fic and beta reading (and me completely and utterly abandoning a principle... *g*). wenchpixie is dabbling in J2 RPS. (PG-13). The first she's written (Candy Kisses) was so damn sweet and adorable that I was hooked in. And I beta read the follow up Sugar Lips last night. It's awesome. Go, read, adore. (yeah... I'm reccing RPS. Hell has frozen over...)

I'm collecting horror film recs from folks in the office so I'll throw it open here: What are the best horror films you've seen and would recommend I get ahold of? (office suggestions so far: Candyman, The Vanishing (original), Nightmare on Elm St (first one), Event Horizon.)
faith//million lies - me


Yeah, House of Wax really is shit isn't it?

Switched it off after five minutes, sorry, not even Jared could keep me watching...

However, Wrong Turn is surprisingly good - and not as gory as I expected. Although it's gory enough, I was going on the memory of Gil and smileawhile's faces whilst they watched it and I played hostess by getting the pizza and popcorn. The bit where they're under the table? Does it make me seem jaded to say I've seen much worse?

Wicker Man is, as always, awesome. (Director's Cut,  original, not the decidedly dodgy sounding remake of 05? 06? something like that!)

tries to stave off Wrong Turn crossover fic bunnies...

Not sure what's up next. In front of me I have Devour, The Crow, Pinata, Vampires, The Exorcist, Donnie Darko (which I have yet to watch sober and tonight will not break that run) and Cube. In which someone gets cut into little itty squares (or cubes, if you will) in the first minute. Graphically. On screen. And David Hewlett (SGA's Rodney MacKay)Collapse ) I will decide after one more beer methinks.
(Oh! INAP peeps - there's a story I haven't yet validated or knocked back in the archive, it's... *that* one. (not the one that had Liz on the white hot rage, but the one we've been debating with each new part). I haven't had the time to take a proper look at it but I want to go over each part - so for the rota person next week (Nemo, I think?) Leave that one - I'll have it resolved one way or another this weekend.)

(And I'll stop spamming my flist soon - I promise!)

ETA OOOO!! Edited to change my icon, because though I have this in keywords a Faith//million lies - it's actually Jessie from Wrong Turn. I was running out of time in an icon challenge (maybe iconfic150 which vanished and took my 50 fics with it when the maintainer deleted the comm?) and had to use the pictures I had on my laptop, including the Wrong Turn promo pics...

ETA (hey, I can still HTml code after 9 Stellas! Yay!) Does anyone who knew me in say... 1993/4/5/6 remember what it was I used to sing whilst drunk? I was thinking it was "You've got a friend" (The Wetx3 version, not the Carole King version, but that's not right. It's a Wets cover song, I remember that much. But right now the only thing I've got the lyrics for are the first two verses and choruses of Van Morrison's "Stoned Me" (which shows up on my Last.fm page as Full Force Gale for some reason...). smileawhile? Remember Mharie's birthday when you all threw water over me after I was demonstating majorette routines in the corridor of the Halls of Residence? What song was I singing at the top of my lungs whilst ensconced under Annwen's desk?

third edit *grins* yeah, so it's "I Feel Fine". "Baby's good to me, you know, he's happy as can be, you know, he said so. He said so... and I'm in love with him and I feel fine..." (Which Wet Wet Wet - amy_star_ they're probably the answer to my musical secret question - only did live at the Big Day, a 1989 charity fundraiser in Glasgow organised to raise money for Shelter (homeless charity).)

*drunken grin* I'm going to bed now, I will stop spamming you. I swear.