July 18th, 2007

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DEAN/WALL META!!! - concept born in a flocked post and expanded upon greatly in honour of Winchester Day. unhobbityhobbit is on the good crack here, and she's a frelling genius. *grins*

XANDER VID!!! - doesn't seem that long ago I was sending thedothatgirl ideas for songs to use for Firefly vids. I included the We Are Scientists entire album and she took the idea and ran with it... to make a fantastic Xander vid! (Yeah, I'm missing the Firefly link as well... *evil grin*). Go, watch at the link I put there, or follow this link for a download and the chance to tell her she rocks. (ETA I recced this before when it was made, but I've just watched it again and it still rocks my socks! Caritas: House Rules, yup, Kane fans? That's the song you think it is - and this video is awesomely awesome. Go - watch!)

JASON MANNS ICONS!!! - there aren't enough Jason icons out there, at least not that I've found. But a few appeared last night on some community called fandomsbitca - anyone know who runs that? </shameless self-promotion> (Photobucket's being a bit pissy right now, keep trying though...)

(and you know what's a really good idea when your depression's all screwed up? Forgetting your meds. No really, it's a wonderful idea...)

eta hmm. Just checked with the doctor and the infection is definitely gone (results came back clear). So what's with the fever? *sigh* I think I may have to go back and make another appointment if it doesn't clear.
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I want to make icons...

... of the Dean/Wall OTP but I want to make them *now* (or at least tonight when I get ahold of Photoshop again, because if I make them in PhotoEditor or Paint they'll be crapper than usual...) which means I kinda want to get my sources sorted immediately.

So... What's your favourite Dean/Wall moments? (you don't have to provide the images, just the episodes will do!)

(and acrazywench - I wasn't kidding, every single one of those points on that email you sent will become a text icon. *nods*)