July 25th, 2007

steve carlson - dawnydiesel

As if the sleep deprivation was not enough...

I'm at work. I've had maybe six hours sleep in total since Sunday...

But dude!


I apologise completely for the incoherency of the voice posts, although the last one, given that I was completely and utterly off my face, is remarkably understandable!

I'll eventually go through them all and transcribe them properly so y'all have a hope of getting what's been going on there although to be honest, you can probably just take the words "Steve!", "Coke", "Finally", "It's the only logical thing to do" and STEEEEEEEEVE!!!!" and rearrange them and you'll have the content of most of the posts...


Got back to mine late last night after a full day's bus journey (why?!) and angelnetgirl and I pretty much just crashed after discovering that LJ was being arsey. Woke up when my alarm went off on my phone, but did I get up? No.. I sat listening to my ring tone for about a half hour before I heard Laura moving about looking for breakfast. It seriously is just as well she was there because otherwise I would still be asleep right now! Dropped Laura off at the bus station (after driving round repeatedly trying to find a place to stop to do so) and then got into work to of course find that nothing's been done in the time I was away...

Am planning on leaving here at 4, heading home to try to convert the video files into a more readable format and flipping them a little because I was thinking like a photographer rather than a videoer-type-person and have a lot of it portrait instead of landscape which... ooops? Looks like Steve's singing on his back for a fair bit of the time... and then I have to pack and then get the train and meet wenchpixie (going through Gilmore St at around 9.30 Claire?) and then getting the overnight bus down to London in time to meet aditu_az at the bus station and doing it all again for the Camden gig tomorrow!

I am clearly insane... (it's this damn work day in the middle that's underscoring the insanity really, the rest of it would be fine!).

Gig will be reviewed at a later time when my brain cells are all lined up and firing properly again, and possibly photographs as well because dude... some of them are awesome! (although there seems to be two random shots of my cleavage for some reason.. The first was to show the safe place my ticket was being kept, but the second? No clue. I had my jacket on in that picture (and obviously I wasn't taking the shot) so it was post-Steve!Bottle which would explain why I have no memory of it but...

I will reply to comments as well, I just... need to sleep...

And Steve! (who did my absolute favourite U2 song at the gig which I was so touched by (although I'm under no illusions there's no way he knew it was my favourite) that I had to hand the camera to kitty_cat89 because I couldn't focus... (Running to a Stand Still))
sparkles - me


I've been not getting birthday notifications lately so I'm sorry to have missed out peeps!

but today it is the birthday of two lovely ladies: angelnetgirl (who will be spending the majority of her b-day on yet more buses...) and the cracktastic unhobbityhobbit - have a fantabulous squee filled day girls!

wenchpixieWench!! your latest post isn't showing up on my flist again. It was and now it's not. But I can still see it so you've not filtered me out... eljay hates me apparently. This explains why I keep missing your fic. *grumbles*

And eljay is doing something weird, now and then I seem to be getting some random page which has bugger all to do with eljay - has they been hijacked or has SA done something stupid again?

OH!!! The point of this post (as if the sleep deprivation was not enough...) was to wish the girls happy birthday and also to give big squishy hugs to smeckles90, unhobbityhobbit and wenchpixie for attempting to transcribe the rather insane voice posts. I'm thinking there could be more voice posting in the next couple of days so...

life begins - me

Spammity like woah...

I'm flailing a little because my damn Kodak EasyShare camera is not being very easy with the sharing... I can't get the software to work which means I can't upload my images from my camera which means I have all these pictures of Steve on there and can't get them off... I will though, if the worst comes to the worst I can go up to sister's house at the weekend 'cause she has a EasyShare as well.


Also, the video files from angelnetgirl's camera are worrying me a teeny bit. I had trouble transferring them this morning from the camera to my PC and I wasn't really awake at the time, but they don't seem to be complete files. aditu_az and angelnetgirl? Tell me there are complete files there? Please?

But on the plus side, I leave in just under an hour to meet up with wenchpixie and then it's back on the bus for a while! And... randomly, my friend Gil (the girl who did the Race for Life this year, known to the BBBers amongst you as BibbleGal) emailed me today with the subject line:

Blummin Eck - Steve Carlson

She'd seen Steve walking down the street, had no idea he was in the country, and after I squeed at her a little and told her off for not having an LJ, I convinced her to see if she can get a ticket! She's emailed Eric (Kane manager) and has the Barfly number so the girl I haven't seen in *forever* and who I ran a site design company with for a while, might be able to come to the gig as well! Yay!

Anyways... I'm off to go pack now that my jeans are finally dry!
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