August 6th, 2007

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And today's post! I have an appointment to speak to a financial advisor at lunch today, so of course I managed to sleep in and pulled on the first clothes I could lay my hands on. So I'm going to go talk to this guy about how I need to restructure my debts and I'm wearing washed out jeans, boots and a navy hoodie. Yeah... that makes a great impression really! I'm also absolutely knackered, have really dark rings under my eyes and since I'm now brunette again (dyed it yesterday) they're all the more obvious. This guy is going to take one look at me and say "yeah right..." and show me the door. I would!

You guys rock by the way - thank you so much for coming through so quickly for me on Saturday! (Sis is online, but it's dial up and on the slowest computer in the world, so I got to check about an hour after I made the phone post - thank you all again!)

I feel like I want to write again today but am kinda drawing a blank on what to do. I have the 'Terminal Cindy' idea that frogfarm gave me in my head, and the Alec & Ben* idea that x5vale inspired on Friday, plus I have the fic_variations prompts for August to do, but... none of it's really inspiring me today. Too many other things on my mind I guess!

Anyways... I should go do some actual work or... maybe I could catch up on the ol' flist whilst I'm online? *g*

* that's Alec and Ben, not Alec/Ben, because that would just hurt my brain...
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STEVE! (again...)

So today is Steve Carlson's birthday, and after all the squee and madness that was the Week of Steve, I couldn't *not* mark it, could I?

So since I fail completely at fanart these days, I give you a picspam! This includes images from his MySpace site and my own photographs from the recent UK gigs. My photos are watermarked because I haven't decided what I'm doing with them yet ('cause some of them are kinda awesome!)

So, Happy Birthday Steve!

(not dial-up friendly, lots of images here and each one links to the full sized version (which'll open in a new window))

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