August 10th, 2007

dw//kitty!! - cheesygirl

For the record

purplephoenix03 is one of the nicest, most genuine, most approachable and above all friendliest people it's my pleasure to know. She really doesn't deserve the shit that's being dumped on her from a great height for being skeptical. So people? Enough with trying to make this personal and please, move the hell on.

wenchpixie is made of complete and utter win and awesomeness and can at this moment in time ask me for anything and she will get it. No matter what.

smeckles90 is on some hella serious crack. Keep checking her journal tonight/this weekend for the reasons why. (sweetie - tiny beta note, you use the word trousers at one point, since you've americanised the spelling of the thing you might think about changing that).

velvetwhip rocks my socks, for some reason I can't get that icon to upload Gabrielle but it's absolutely bloody hilarious nonetheless!

fresleyforever - I miss you dude. I have forty pence credit on my phone at this precise moment in time so I can't chat until after tomorrow, but if you're around this weekend, text me?

emeraldswan - I miss you too honey, we desperately need to catch up!

whiskyinmind is currently in the process of reducing her medication after talking with her doctor this morning. She's a little nervous about this since she forgot her meds twice this week and really noticed it by about 4pm on both days. It's a reduction rather than a removal though, so she should be able to cope with it. She would appreciate good thoughts and happy cheerful things (since she has no internet access this weekend she would love it if her flist would link her with lovely fic, vids, graphics and pictures).