August 17th, 2007

life begins - me


It struck me last night that perhaps going on my unannounced (and actually unplanned) sabbatical immediately after I'd mentioned I was going to be reducing my meds might not have been the cleverest plan in the world.

I'm not dead.


I wasn't too well on Monday and with no net access in the house I didn't get to update or check emails, and then by the time I got into work on Tuesday it became a sort of test to see how long I could go without giving into the addiction the temptation to post. Sorry if I worried any of you! (*huggles to the texters and emailers*) Theoretically I'm not actually posting until I have the prompts completed which should be this weekend (except for one of them and the recipient of that one I met for coffee last night and explained why she won't be getting it with the rest. Damn you wenchpixie for triggering another multi-part story...) so...


And in the immortal words of Esmerelda Weatherwax (Mss.) "I Aten't Dead"

ETA update on the kinda important things: 1, I have just ordered a new broadband package from a new company. They're going through the process of checking details/activating and because of my no credit/debit card status right now it'll be at least a week. But, yay!. 2, I've had to declare SORN on my car (Statutory Off Road Notice) because my road tax runs out at the end of this month, I can't get new tax without having an MOT and it's currently in pieces in the garage while I try to scrape up the 900 (ish) pounds for essential repairs. And once that's done there's no guarrantee it would pass it's MOT anyway so for now I essentially don't have a car. Which means I'll be getting the train into work for the forseeable future (£43 per week for a zonecard. Yikes). 3, I still can't make outgoing phone calls because I can't find the right reference number to re-activate my BT line rental thingy (another casualty of the bank changeover). This will probably have a knock on effect on my broadband and I'm really hoping to have it fixed this weekend. Again, my no credit/debit card method of payment is going to be an issue here. And finally; 4, my eldest nephew started school this week. On Wednesday. I could have sworn it was Thursday he was due to start so I didn't make a big deal of it when I had to drop some things off at their house on Wednesday night. I'm going to have to make it up to him somehow!

second edit so at work we have this white board behind my desk which has info on it about who's on leave or in meetings or whatever. Monkey generally puts up a word of the day on it as well and (based on the comments to this post and the mention of one of unhobbityhobbit's fics) I got him to make today's word "Tentacle".

To which monkey_matt then said: "Tentacle, twice as good as a Pentacle."

*shakes head*

Third edit I just checked my Gmail account and the sponsored link at the top had me doubled over laughing.

"SheWee - go like a man with the portable female urinator!"

WTF? Seriously, WTF?!