August 22nd, 2007

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I'm sorry Denise...

So in the comments to my last (friends locked) post, there was mention of a crossover story which I was involved in after drinking far too much. I would like it to be known that this is not my story, it's smileawhile's, and one day we'll get it finished. It was previously posted to the BBBFic list. I typed it up for Denise and beta read it with one of the worst hangovers of my life so all spelling/grammar errors are mine. The story however, is all Denise's.

Because people seemed interested in the comments about it, and because I never did get around to archiving it properly at the time, I'm presenting it here...

Anas of the Day
Author: Smileawhile
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners, none of which are me.
Authors Notes: Helped out by Shona (I'm sorry, really I am – but it's funny! Sho xx)

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The sites

Okay, decision time. Do I stay with my current webhost who are charging me £98 per annum (and which is due in the next three weeks), or do I move webhost to somewhere else which might cost more but won't be so susceptable to blocking me out of my own file manager and deleting my email accounts without warning? (And who might also be able to give me tech support in the english language...)

I need access to MySQL databases, I need a lot of bandwidth allowance and I could do with a fair whack of storage space.

I've been looking at DreamHost. It's a possibility - any negatives I should be aware of with them (other than the additional costs)?

Or - and I already know what most of you are going to say here, but seriously a hundred quid would pay for the new oil sump my car needs - do I give up the sites altogether?

ETA I'm taking a half-day today so I'm not ignoring you if you answer this, honest!

... I've actually just checked out Dreamhost again and they've got a special offer on. If I can pay two years in advance plus a set up fee then I get a pretty sweet package. Trouble is... I would need to get £250. I don't have it. I'm not likely to have it this year. The more I think about this, the more I think I should give up the sites because I just can't afford it right now.