August 25th, 2007

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I Need A Parrot

Trust me when I say this is breaking my heart a little as I type this.

I can no longer justify the cost of hosting websites. As a result, when my annual hosting package runs out in the first week of September, I can't afford to renew it and this means that everything on the moments-lost domain will be going offline.

Including I Need a Parrot

I love the site, I have loved hosting it and being involved with it, but I just cannot continue to host it at the moment.

There is a good possibility that in a while I will be able to start again and get a new hosting package, but it would not be fair of me to keep the site as it stands stored on my computer and deprive everyone else of the content. So, here's where I make a decision that is killing a little bit of me but needs to be done.

Can you run a fanfiction website? Would you be willing to ensure that Xander doesn't become relegated to a minor character by keeping the site going? INaP is currently recognised as the BtVS Writers' Guild official zone for Xander Harris because we accept all kinds of fiction there, without limiting pairing, genre or rating as most of the other sites do. It is currently running on eFiction which can be set to self automated archiving or moderated archiving. It's a fairly easy set up initially and requires PHP and a MySQL database. Trust me, you do not need to be an expert on either of these things - in fact when I first set up the site I knew nothing about them. I still struggle with MySQL.

Free web hosts do not tend to give you access to either of these things, which is why I'm not simply moving the whole site to a free location for the meantime, so you would have to have your own hosted webspace.

If you would like to take over the site, please let me know as soon as possible - you can comment here (I'll set the comments to screen) or you can email me at mara_sho @ The package I have is due to run out on the 8th September, so that's the timescale I'm working on here.

I will be backing up the content between now and then so that if you take it on you can upload the site in its entirity to your webspace.

Please, let me know?

The offer also stands for the pairing specific sites as well - Faith/Xander's Effects of a Troubled Heart, Buffy/Xander's Hand on Heart, Dawn/Xander's Key to the Heart, Willow/Xander's Spirit of the Heart - and for the Slayer-centric site Daughters of Sineya. I am hoping to move the White Knight Awards onto a free-hosting site in the meantime as it can be run without PHP or MySQL.

*PLEASE NOTE* - this entry's date has been changed to keep it at the top of my journal, it was posted on 23rd August 2007