August 29th, 2007

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Random recs and general randomness

Been meaning to do this for ages - completely random SPN recs.


Title: God Knows I Want To Break Free
Author: unhobbityhobbit
Summary: Sam and Dean get sucked into a music video. A Queen music video. Yes, that Queen music video.
Rating: PG?
Why you should read it: Because it's crack of the highest order. Whilst Ruth may like to blame myself, monkey_matt and wenchpixie for this, no one but her could have written it so well. Go. *makes shooing motions* Read. Review.

Title: oogh
Author: glorfinniel
"If Dean actually believed in that fate crap he might even go as far as to say that they are made for each other, they look that good." (Crack of the crackiest kind. Also? Dean/Wall. Yes, Dean and a wall.)
Rating: R
Why you should read it: It's Dean and a Wall. Do you really need another reason?! (And as a companion there's the seriousness that is unhobbityhobbit's Wall Meta) Go. Read. Review!

Title: Friend Without a Face
Author: unhobbityhobbit
Summary: Sam and Dean - mostly Dean - find out that you can't always judge a book by its cover. Or, indeed, a tentacle monster by its slimy, faceless appearance.
Rating: R
Why you should read it: It's tentacle pr0n. Everyone needs some tentacle pr0n in their lives! (It also sparked a meta-esque conversation between wenchpixie and myself). Go. Read. Review!

Title: Of Pony-Shaped Sponges and Candy Shampoo
Summary: Think you know what happened the night that Jensen slept on Jared’s couch after his birthday…think again!
Rating: NC-17
Why you should read it: If you're also on wenchpixie's flist, you might have heard a voice post which sounded like a group of hyenas on crack in the middle of the night on 20th July this year. This fic (RPS) came from that night. It amazes me how many people who weren't there and who have no idea what most of the in jokes are about *get* this fic and think it's genuinly funny. Which it is. It's just funnier when you get the context. folded into tiny boxes....

Title: Almost Nectar
Author: wenchpixie
Summary: So, Jared’s totally not thinking about how Jensen measures up to him. Totally not looking to see if he can make out his hard on. No. Not looking at Jensen, full stop. Unless Kim shouts at him. It’s just it’s really hard to concentrate, and Sam’s pants are way looser than Dean’s…
Rating: R
Why you should read it: Because it's wenchpixie's third story in her CandyVerse RPS series - the series that not only has me avidly reading RPS, but actively betareading it too. Genuinly sweet and dorky in places, laugh out loud funny in others. The Jared-in-her-head and the Jensen-in-her-head are wonderful people and will have you grinning like a fool.

Yeah... so much for the "I don't like RPF/RPS - it squicks me out completely." attitude... I still don't seek it out, but there are so many talented writers out there who are writing it in such a way that it hooks me in and makes me want to read more.

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And Happy 5th Birthday to my eldest nephew!! I remember driving him and his mum home from the hospital... he was so tiny... now he's a little hellion but I wouldn't change him for the world!

I changed the layout over at jefffiorellofen this morning - seriously if you've not heard his music yet then you are missing out!

And I have a question for the BtVS trivia folks amongst you - what was it that Faith's mother used to call her? a little firecracker or a little wildcat? I can't quite remember (but I think it's the first)