August 30th, 2007

guitar//inspiration - me

Conversations with my sister:

On returning her car:
Me: I've had to leave a CD in your player because I forgot the case and I don't want to carry it home without it in case it gets scratched.
Her: That's okay, I don't tend listen to CDs in the car anymore. Besides I don't like your music anyway - it's all depressing.
Me: Huh? (in the knowledge that yes, some of the stuff I listen to can be a little maudlin (Radiohead anyone?) but in general... no)
Her: It is.
Me: whatever. I'll pick it up next time I'm around okay?

Two days later on the phone:
Me: Hang on, let me turn the volume down (has WMP on random on my computer at the time)
Her: What is that you're listening to anyway?
Me: Right now it's The Fratellis
Her: Oh, [BiL] likes them. I'm surprised you do.
Me: Why?
Her: 'Cause they're kinda upbeat really.
Me: And your point is?
Her: Oh nothing...
Me: (*cringes as Paranoid Android is the next song that comes on*)

Yesterday as she gives me a lift home from nephew's birthday:
Me: Oh crap! Sorry, I forgot to bring the case for that CD.
Her: It's okay... (starts engine, CD starts up loudly) I kinda like it anyway.
Me: Not too depressing for you then?
Her: Actually... no it's really quite good.
Me: Told ya.

The CD in question is Groovin' On The Inside.


In other news, my legs hurt. Walking from platform 11A every single morning is on the verge of killing me, and that's before the monstrosity that is Great George Street.
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INAP & Moments Lost

Right, to keep people on track with where I'm at right now:

Money donated thus far: $373.02 (after currency conversion and PayPal charges)
Price of hosting package: $382.80* (although I have a referral from an existing user which should mean a discount - even if not I think I can manage the ten dollars)

Now the question - the simplest way to do this would involve a little downtime on the sites. This downtime could be up to two weeks for the registration process of the domain name to go through.

I could on the other hand work out a no/limited downtime schedule using a more complicated system which (since it's me) could be a little more prone to errors which could be corrected quickly.

So - which would you prefer? The sites to go offline completely for up to two weeks (hopefully it would be nowhere near that long in reality) or for the sites to remain online but potentially glitchy?

Either way submissions, reviews and new sign-ups would be switched off for the changeover period so as to ensure that everything is transferred.

*This is for a two-year package