September 5th, 2007

life begins - me

Dear Eric

For season three, when you have three main characters in a scene, please try to make sure there's at least one shot where you can see them all. Just for me?

Yours, not psychotically in the least,

Sho xx

eta okay, I give up. Devil's Trap. There's a (promo?) shot of the penultimate scene. Just after Sam's shot John. You can see all three of them in the shot - Dean's against the wall under the window, John's in the foreground, and Sam's standing holding the gun. Does anyone either have it or know where I can get it? unhobbityhobbit is made of win!

*bats eyelashes*
life begins - me

Yup, I'm at it again...

Sweet Charity

I decided it would make more sense if I used the name of my personal site rather than any variant of my LJ name so that people can track me down. So I'm "pointless nostalgic" over there.

I'm offering a different package this year. I'm still offering a complete LJ set (banner, icons, F/O graphic, layout coding if required, user info graphics/layout) fandoms: SPN, BtVS, AtS, Dark Angel, Serenifly, Doctor Who

But I'm also offering as a seperate item a 1000+ word gen fic based on a prompt given by the winning bidder. As I've said in my spiel on the SC site, I tend to write secondary characters in these fandoms: BtVS, AtS, Serenifly, Dark Angel. Or Dean-centric in SPN. (Although I am open to other prompts as well)

I am slightly nervous about it again - last year I was so panicked that no one would bid on me and then I ended up being 'won' by two people I had never met before, both of whom have been lovely and understanding about the whole drama of not being online and thereby missing the deadline. (I'm finishing up their projects right now!)

The bidding starts on 9th September and runs through to 22nd.
life begins - me

Voice Post:

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“Yeah, sorry for spamming everyone today. Karma hates me. Really absolutely hates me. Um, I'm standing in Glasgow Central Station to discover that every single train that runs on my line home has been cancelled. Due to 'operational difficulties' according to the board but I heard a Network Rail guy say that it was due to a 'police incident' so god knows what it is. But my train takes like an hour to get me home and they're not expecting this to be fixed for at least two hours so yeah I don't if I'll be getting home tonight. I had drabbles to post later as well but... never mind. I suppose I'll post again when I get home. *If* I get home. Bye!”

Transcribed by: whiskyinmind

... and it's now five to eight and I'm *finally* home...

Again - sorry for spamming today! I'll post the drabbles in the morning I think!