September 13th, 2007

Pratchett//redo from start - wildecate

*sporks laptop*

yeah... was meant to be doing graphics related stuff last night but my laptop decided it was going to crash on me every ten minutes. I should get it looked at really to try to stop it doing that.

Am so far behind on everything and falling even further back - so have I promised anyone something that they're still waiting for? Now's the time to remind me so that I can actually get it done rather than flaff about doing random things.

So far I have:
AVAs banners
Sweet Charity final projects
Time to Pay the Reckoning

These are the things I have *promised* people would have in the last month, and which they will have, (yesterday's TDL had some other things on it which this week are optional extras). I'm sure there's more I should have on there - so jump start my memory please?

eta so someone at work brought in a couple of bags of lollipops for everyone. I love lollipops. And even with the trauma of the drumstick lolly pulling out a filling on Tuesday, I've been kinda hyped up on sugar as a result of these things since then.

monkey_matt doesn't think it was a good idea. He says it's only encouraging my childish nature. I am admittedly trying to find a way to use them as a whistle - it's not my fault they have a hole right through the stick is it?

Or maybe I'm just getting into character for Del already!*

*which will make no sense if you don't know what the plan is for Asylum yet...

I am happy to report that the lolly stick in indeed capable of being used as a whistle - it is however extremely high-pitched and is probably causing dogs to howl in the vicinity of the library.

I want Pop Rocks. Can you imagine the chaos I could cause by answering the phone with a mouth full of Pop Rocks?!

(I am apparently five years old today!)