September 25th, 2007

life begins - me


Okay, so ages ago I signed up to the Penguin Classics Blog-a-Book thingy, in which we were invited to sign up, and if we were chosen they'd send us a book from the classic collection and we'd review it within six weeks of getting it. I got selected and was told I'd be getting Dickens 'Selected Journalism 1850-1870'. Not something I would have particularly picked up by choice but that's the point of this thing. Only... it's been sitting in the post office for three weeks because my delivery slip got kicked under the doormat and I only just found it this weekend.

So now I have maybe a week to read and review a 649 page book of journalism from the 19th century.

And I have a ficathon due in exactly a week.

*goes back to her hiatusing cave for a while*
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