October 1st, 2007

shaun the sheep flock - waiting4morning

I've done the scary grown up thing...

I'm just back from the lawyers. With a couple of stipulations, I've accepted the offer for twenty thousand to sell the bit of my garden. The stipulations are that if he builds a new house on there it's a single occupancy house of no more than two stories and that he put up a boundary wall or fence along the new line (after it's up I'll be liable for half of the upkeep of it). I didn't think I'd be able to stipulate the first of the things but the lawyer tells me it's fairly normal. There's also the fact that I have a mortgage on part of my property so my lender has to agree to the resizing of the property, but again the lawyer doesn't see that being a problem since my mortgage is for less than half of the current value.

It's scary being a grown up, but this time next week I could have twenty thousand pounds to get me out of this hole a little way (and I can get my car back! Yay!)

In other news, I am currently wrapped up in three layers (t-shirt, shirt and padded jacket) and am freezing. Walking back from the station there I passed a guy without a shirt on. Yes it's sunny but I'm really cold. Guess I'm still not well then.