October 3rd, 2007

annie hall//forgot my mantra - me

See what poor sleep patterns brings me?


Haven't decided what I'm doing yet, it wont be my original novel idea because that's too important to me to mess up with hyperbole. It might be an old Sci-Fi story I was planning out years ago (and found the notes for recently) called Elysium, or it might be fanfic.

Since I'm as impressionable as a dollop of molten wax (in the words of Terry Pratchett), I might just put up a poll to get your opinions.

Oh! Almost forgot. Today's my last day for writing this ficathon entry, and my brain can't get into gear. So if you see me about online feel free to say one of two things to me today: 1 - Sho? You're meant to be ill and sleeping this off. and 2 - Sho? Finished that fic yet?