October 16th, 2007

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NaNoWriMo poll

I'm working on finalising the Sweet Charity 'products' this week, along with getting the sites relaunched (was aiming for the 15th but my FTP client's still being pissy with me so it'll be the 20th now), and clearing out the junk bunnies in my head (which are all listed on my fic notebook and will be written as one shots this week to get them gone)... and, planning for NaNoWriMo.

So, feel like helping me plan?

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I have the icon meme thing to post (charlies_dragon picked icons and asked for explanations) and... kitty_cat89 and smeckles90, if you happen to be around in the library today, come see me. I have something sooper sekrit for you guys.
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Icon meme

The icon meme thingy. m'tired, m'going to sleep now (only got about 3 hours broken sleep last night) and I can't find the instructions.

Comment and I'll pick some of your user icons, you explain 'em to me, then you post the proper instructions to your own journal and it goes round LJ like... a meme! *grins*

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