October 23rd, 2007

life begins - me

Couple of updates (well, I say a couple...)

First? I perpetrated fic for emeraldswan's birthday yesterday - Lacuna's Option is over at fandomsbitca (Xander/Dawn, kinda)

Second? I have my own archive back again! It's not on the ...moments-lost... server, rather it is being hosted on the wonderful wenchpixie's webspace! So! Pointless Nostalgic is back! Feel free to take a look around, leave comments on the stories, join the site - whatever takes your fancy! I only have fic up there at the moment, I'm working on getting the graphics up there again. (eta wallpapers are up now, icons will be up in the next couple of days)

Third? What happened to Autumn? When did it suddenly go from a not-great Summer to Winter?! It's bloody cold right now!

Fourth? thedothatgirl? You'll be happy to know I finally have a hook for the Sweet Charity fic! Yay!

Fifth? Some people suck. Downloading TV shows off t'internet is not generally entirely legal but I'm not going to deny anyone that right. Mostly because I'd be a hypocrite if I did, but also because sometimes it's the only way some people can actually get to see the shows. So when people and communities help their friends and members out by giving some (paid-for) webspace over for this purpose that is unbelievably generous of them. When people abuse that? Everyone loses out. Bandwidth costs money. If thousands of people are downloading a file from a link that only a hundred or so people should be able to see, the paid-for bandwidth is going to run out pretty damn quickly and no one is going to be able to access it. Yes, not everyone knows about bandwidth, or appreciates that sharing download links is not a good thing, but there's only so many times you can give people the benefit of the doubt.