October 26th, 2007

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so apparently people don't like it when I post emo crap and turn off comments. They hunt me down in person and smack some sense into me. I is not so emo anymore.

I has started writing my spn_halloween fic, which is good 'cause it's due on Hallowe'en, I likes it so far. I've never written teen!Chesters before, it's kinda fun.

I'm starting to come to the realisation that my inability to download either House or Heroes this week is not troubling me that much. I thought I had downloaded Heroes, but it was an incomplete file and when I discovered that last night I was a little... meh. I want to follow 3M, and new New Orleans character is intriguing, but everthing else? Getting bored with it now. House... I'm a little more wanting to see that, but it'll be on Five or FiveUS before too much longer and I get both those channels right now so I might just wait till it airs in this country.

So my TV watching right now seems to be down to Supernatural, Bones and Pushing Daisies. I actually liked Reaper more than a lot of SPN fans do/did (when I finally got into the right frame of mind to watch a Kevin Smith short film the pilot), but I'm a couple of weeks behind now and not that bothered about catching up. Is there anything else I should definitely be watching? I have pretty eclectic tastes and the only thing I will not watch is reality TV, unless I happen to be in someone else's house when they're watching it. (*glares at wenchpixie - dude, X Factor was bad enough but Strictly Come Dancing? Not even for Kenny I'm afraid...)

Oh! How could I forget?! wenchpixie wrote a lovely little Wee!Chesters fic yesterday to cheer me up - Double Knot, it contains references to 3.03 if you haven't seen that yet.