October 30th, 2007

life begins - me


I've lost my fic notebook. I have three current fic notebooks, but the one that has TtPtR, my as yet unnamed and unposted AtS/BtVS crossover and everything I have notes for over the past six months until September. I CAN'T FIND IT!!

I do have my Hallowe'en fic and my NaNo notes but right now that's not much of a relief.

I hope to hell I left it in my desk drawer at work because otherwise? I may cry.

eta *flails some more* - I'm at work. It's not here.

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I found my notebook! It was on my 'craft' desk in my house, underneath the SG1 DVDs that D gave me back a couple of weeks ago.


Also? I got confirmation today that my neighbour's happy to accept my stipulations on the sale of the land and my mortgage company has no objection - so I'll be getting some money soon! I can get my car out of the garage! I can pay off some of the debts!!

Woo Hoo!

(I'm only just home - I miss my car...)