November 1st, 2007

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I suck

all that stuff I had to do? Yeah... I still have to do it. I got home after 13 hours out of the house, and after calming down one of the girls at work who had car trouble after every one else left (and who had to go pick up her young daughter to take her to a Hallowe'en party), had a nightmare train ride full of rather drunken idiots who kept trying to get "that young lassie with the headphones on" (me, they called me young - hee!) to take a drink of neat vodka. Yeah... not even if it was tequila dude.

And I got home and fell asleep.

So... I *still* have everything left to do, I have to leave the house now to get to work today and I have no clean jeans. Not a huge problem normally, except I won't be home till Monday at the earliest.


Ah well, at least there wont be random drunks on the train this morning.


(Oh! G'luck to all the NaNoers! (in whatever form))
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I don't know if I ever told any of you this before, but I used to work in a kitchen.

Just thought I'd share.

and they're all being mean to me now.... except Laura's who's being worryingly nice... and Amy was in the bathroom, so we can conclude that really it is just the Wench that's being mean. Go on, act like you're surprised...
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