November 13th, 2007

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*hugs* and fic

I'm... not having the best time of it right now so I'm hibernating from talking about RL until I get some things sorted out. *hugs all my flist who contacted me in one way or another* Including kitty_cat89 who gave me a virtual hug across the gap between platforms at the underground station last night. I owe comments and emails and texts and other means of communication - I will reply as soon as I'm able.

do not go gentle... is the reason I'm making this fly-by post. SPN fic written as a coda to 3.06. Collapse ) I'm probably more happy with this fic than I am with anything else I've written lately. As with all my fic, it's posted over at fandomsbitca - huge thanks to wenchpixie for the really speedy beta and also thanks to monkey_matt for verifying the title for me! (It's from a Dylan Thomas poem "Do not go gentle into that good night [snip] Rage, rage against the dying of the light")

ETA Collapse )

and another edit Collapse )

OH! another edit - I would say it's the last but... Could anyone make me a soundclip from 3.06? Collapse ) - I really need a new ringtone and that one? would rock!
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Music rec.

Fly by post to say, if you're in Scotland, you should try to catch Phil Cunningham's "Scotland's Music" on BBC2. If you're not in Scotland then... I dunno, try to find it somewhere online?

I caught the second episode tonight which explores how Scots relate love and loss through music, from traditional Gaelic laments through to 90s 'Glasgow Sound'.

Go to this site, scroll down ignoring Eddi Reader with Ae Fond Kiss because she's just... annoying now she thinks she's the be-all and end-all of Burns songs until you get to James Grant singing Land O The Leal. It's the audio from the show so it's got Phil talking over it a little, but seriously - go listen to it now please.
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