November 19th, 2007

da//alec/naughty thoughts - sinister_mor

Um... ooops.

I slept in this morning. Well, actually, I was awake before my alarm went off, I switched off my alarm and then went back to sleep. Which meant that of course I didn't really wake up until just before ten am. There's only one train an hour from my village and it leaves at three minutes past the hour. So I phoned into work, told 'em I'd slept in and would be in as soon as I could, and got the next train. I've now been in work for... oh, about 20 minutes? So because I overslept that little bit, I've lost a whole morning's flexi time. Ah well, guess there'll be a few 6pm finishes for me this week then!

I also have yet to see 3.07. I started to watch it yesterday, saw up to the point where I was thinking "That's Harmony, right?" and then switched it off. I... have never done that for an episode of SPN yet. I was in a bit of an odd mood yesterday, I was offline all day, I made a huge pot of soup, a big pot of chilli, more biccits (I should put the recipe up here at some point once I'm done tweaking it (I added ginger yesterday)) and started on another scarf. I'll watch the episode tonight when I get in, and I am looking forward to it based purely on the pre-credit teaser, but...

NaNoWriMo... I think I have more or less given up on that this year, the story is working, but the words aren't coming anywhere near as quickly as they should be. I'm kinda at the stage where, to make the word quota, I'd have to write 4000 words a day. Doable, but... my heart isn't really in it this year. Too many other ideas keep grabbing my attention and when they turn out as good as do not go gentle... then I'm pretty happy with that. (Yes, I'm abandoning all pretence of false modesty about that story. I really like it, I think it probably is the best thing I've ever written - Her Own Path came close, but dngg... is just more... of a gut punch.)

So, I'm now working on brainstorming for the whichwillow ficathon assignment, and the two prompts I've got for spn_christmas (and I kinda have my eye on another one in there which would act as a pair for one of the ones I've already got, if it remains unclaimed I may also write something for it)

And something else. Which is a complete and utter departure for me. Something I always said I'd never do. but...