November 20th, 2007

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I am five.




So yesterday I had fire warden training, yes, at some point in the near future I get to wear a hi-vis vest and tell students to keep the exits clear. Go me! (so does monkey_matt though, they're clearly letting anyone do this job...) and coming back from the training I slipped and fell. I grazed my knee. The same knee I grazed really badly last Christmas. The same knee that's had a keloid scar on it *since* last Christmas. The same knee that after that fall yesterday looked like someone had tried to flay me but got bored after thirty seconds.

That was bad enough.

And then as I was walking (slowly and carefully) down the steep hill from work, I fell again. And landed on the same knee.

And got up, and walked another ten steps. And fell again. And landed on the same knee.

And got up, walked (even more slowly and carefully) and made it about half way down the hill before falling again. And landing on the other knee.

It hurt like hell. There was blood inside my jeans.

Today, it still hurts and the escalators were off at both underground stations. Going down stairs is worse than going up, but it's sore either way.

So I'll be off in the corner for the rest of the day wondering exactly what it is that mothers have in their kiss that makes it all better, because I really don't remember the pain lasting this long when I was a kid...
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