November 27th, 2007

da//ben/high place - rush_cw

Anyone seen my minotaur?

Doctor thinks it's labrynthitis apparently. I had a sore throat a few weeks ago and she thinks maybe there's been an infection at that point which is lingering. If I'm still falling over in a week I've to go back and get antibiotics.

She also told me I'm a little anaemic but that's to be expected today because Collapse ) - if it continues into next week I've to consider iron supplements.

On top of that, my blood pressure's a little high at rest and dropped to the floor (well, not quite) when she got me to stand up to retake it. She's a little concerned about that mixed with the light-headedness and the falling over and my family history so she's getting a complete set of blood tests and I've to get blood pressure readings every time I go get my meds renewed from now on.


So all in all, I'm okay, just a little not quite right but I should be sorted with a little time and attention.

Now I'm off to make my house D and Wench-proof for Friday since they're invading. (Guys, this is my way of saying - absolutely fine by me! I'll contact you both eventually. When I get my act together...)

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