January 2nd, 2008

steve carlson - dawnydiesel

Catching Up

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm late, but I'm only just home so I think I can be forgiven?

And now that I am home... I have an appeal for my flist who may or not be SPN fans. There are *NO*!!!! Reccs for me to post this week over at spnfencentral (the spoiler free Supernatural community which kinda rocks...). I post the news and the community reccs on Tuesdays. There were no reccs yesterday, which I'm not all that surprised by since it was New Year's Day, I put an appeal out on the news post yesterday (after checking with the comm maintainer that it would be okay to do it) to give an extra day for reccs, but... there are still none.

I may cry.

So, even if you are not a member of the comm (which - why not?!! Go! Join!), here's your chance to link to anything SPN related - fic, icons, wallpapers, vids, meta, picspams, random squee, anything at all you could possibly want to see - either comment to this post and I'll include it, or comment here on the comm's rec list - you have a few hours yet. I't's quarter past seven in the evening, I will probably post in around two or three hours. But even if you post later than that, I will include it in *next* week's post.


*bats eyelashes*

Oh - and I have a sore arm. A very sore arm. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow, but it's very sore. wenchpixie told me what she thinks is causing it and it starts with B and has 'itis' at the end. Other than that I'm stumped. It's the elbow I landed on when I fell on my birthday - it's still really sore and although I can do a lot with it, I can't straighten it or carry much weight on it. I am following falling apart. Clearly.

I'm *this* close to having more fic posted, I was writing on the train this afternoon but apparently I looked like I knew the entire timetable of the line I was on and kept getting asked if the train stopped at random stations, so I gave up. I'll finish and have it beta'd soon, and post ASAP.