January 3rd, 2008

life begins - me


my mp3 player's corrupted. It's not an expensive one - it was twenty quid for 1GB a few months ago - but my computer can't open it and half the tracks on it are jumping like crazy. (Including Different Kind of Knight). There's no way on earth I can justify buying a new one so I'll be music-less for quite a while I reckon.

Oh, and I now have my arm strapped up and a sling on. It's not stopping me doing anything because I keep taking the sling off. Yes, I know, it's completely the wrong thing to do and it'll never get better if I keep doing it, but I can't type with one hand...

Just thought I'd better post something today so that it doesn't look like I've done a runner again. 'Kay, I'm off to go watch TV. *nods*