January 4th, 2008

Pratchett//redo from start - wildecate


I'm becoming addicted to Facebook - this is wrong and evil and just... no! Help!!!

hopeless_cynic - when are you coming to Scotland? Is it tomorrow? (please tell me it's tomorrow... the spare room is still full of stuff...) And also I should really try to borrow Sis's car and actually have some food in the house for when you get here!

My arm feels better being strapped up, although I was back to see the nurse this morning to check the strapping and she was manipulating my arm in ways that really, really hurt. Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing!

Right, I need to go, get some writing done I think. I'm already late(ish) with two ficathon fics which is bugging me a lot right now, but I can't seem to get them started. Ah well (opens up Word and stares at the blank screen)