January 6th, 2008

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What day is it?

Seriously, what day is it? I didn't sleep well last night, awake every two hours (almost to the minute) and although I'm only just up and about (if sitting on the couch in my PJs counts as being up and about of course!) I actually don't know what day it is. The TV seems to be showing the same films as it did yesterday - Film 4 have Heaven Can Wait and Little Shop of Horrors one after the other, they did that yesterday, I know 'cause they were on when I was trying to spot-clean the rug in the living room.

I'm confused.

Have I gone back in time or is there something more sinister going on here?

Scottish Fen Posse? We have a guest arriving on Tuesday, we need to work out what we're doing about that. She and I are definitely going to the cinema, that much I know. Nothing else is organised though ('cause it's me, I don't do organisation...). Let me know? And, this week could also count as the first time our newest convert gets to meet the much wider group... (yes Beth, I'm looking at you here...). *g*

I should go do something productive, or maybe get the ficathon fics done, or maybe part six of the '5 times Faith...' series done. Or maybe I should just sit here and play more trivia quizzes on Facebook...
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Buffyverse poll! YAHF - yay or nay?

I may be validating/rolling my eyes over at I Need A Parrot right about now, and the thought came up - as it often does - what's with the fascination for YAHFs? (Yet Another Halloween Fics)

(Oh? And the plural of 'Scooby' is not 'Scooby's'. I'm just saying, if I was being a real pain in the ass I could boot it for bad spelling and use that as an example...)

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