January 18th, 2008

music//kane - me

Catching up

Back from the nurse now, my sports strap is fantastic because it's thicker and more supportive, but it's too short. So I'm back to tubi-grip which isn't supportive enough, but can go further up my arm to support the bit that needs supported most. And I've to not do anything with that arm apart from the exercises I've been given because the more I do with it, the longer it'll take to heal. Which sucks.

But anyways... I'm going to go write now, because I can, and because I have a ... scenario rather than a story in my head now and have had since last Saturday morning. Have to get it on paper or my brain will explode.

re-watched Torchwood, liking it more now although I still want to spork Gwen. Straw poll (and since I'm on Semagic and not the LJ poll page, it'll be a yes/no. Would the people not in the UK prefer me to continue to put all Torchwood (and DW when it returns) comments behind a cut? I kinda love being in this position for once...