January 24th, 2008

Pratchett//redo from start - wildecate

Playng with layout

Making it cleaner, and resizable for different screen sizes.

(The banner is a place-holder, trust me, it will be better than that!)

Question for the paid members who've modified Flexible Squares - how do you put the CSS in the theme layer in such a way that it overwrites the default Flexible Squares layout? Like... the current layout is done using the Custom CSS option, but I want to add in the memorify and edit options on the main page, for which I need a User layer and a whole new customised Style. But when I put the CSS in the theme layer, it mostly works but the borders are back around the entries, which the CSS overwrites.

I'm making no sense am I?

If anyone even vaguely understands what I mean, can you help out maybe?

(Oh - I posted a John Winchester, pre-series, pre-married life, pre-kids drabble over at fandomsbitca earlier today. If you're interested...)