February 14th, 2008

life begins - me

You know what's a really bad idea?

Reading a book called 'Insomnia'* when you don't have the best track record of sleeping well as it is.

Got maybe three hours sleep last night, woke up with my alarm, snoozed for an hour, took the quickest shower in the history of showers, managed to get dressed in ratty clothes that I wouldn't normally wear to work (this t-shirt is at least ten years old and the zip-up jumper is for when the house gets cold), ran and managed to catch the train, refused point blank to take my arm off the arm rest (it's my sore arm) and glared at the cow who kept trying to push my arm off with hers, ran for the underground train only to have a big lad push on in front of me and then try to stand in the doorway until I said 'scuse me, put up with big lad trying to intimidate me by leaning over me (or maybe he fancied me, he was definitely trying to get up close and personal), walk up the hill only to find the staff door of the library has a sign on it saying out of order, walk all the way round the building (s'a big building, and it's on a hill) incidentally passing big lad from the underground on the way, get into the building, again have someone bump into my sore arm and not apologise, get into the office to find the other supervisors already having a big conflab about what tasks to give out and again not even thinking to ask me, then find out that the back door actually is working but the twats hadn't taken the sign down yet, realise I could be this crabbit because I left the house so damn quickly that I didn't take my meds, think myself lucky I still have them in my bag from staying out the other night, get some caffeine, try to put up with J being all "Oh, someone called for you at 8, couldn't you tell them not to call so early?", then turn round to see someone (probably J) has drawn love hearts on the white board behind my desk.

Is there such a thing as a Valentine's Scrooge?

I think there might be. She's called Sho.

Balls to Valentine's Day.

* although one thing that amused me about the book is that somehow everything seems to revolve back around to SPN. The protagonist is suffering from insomnia and there's a lot of scene-setting and physical description as his senses begin to adapt to lack of sleep - he notices things more. And one of the things he notices (whilst drama is going on around him) is a chalk heart on the pavement saying "Sam + Deannie = 4ever". I kid you not...)
life begins - me


okay, so my neighbour's not been well right. I dunno what it is but I've heard him cough a lot lately.

I can't hear him now.

His car's outside his house.

Zeus (his dog) is barking.

Zeus is also responding to me whistling and talking through the walls (I'm a dog person, what can I say?)

But now I'm worried. The car's there, I can't hear Dale, I *can* hear Zeus and Zeus doesn't normally bark.

Am I just being the paranoid kid who always had to make sure she said goodnight to her mum in case her mum didn't make it through the night?

Dale's just had a cold or something, right? He's taken a walk or something, right?

What the hell do I do?!

etaOkay, so I've started to hear movement from next door and Zeus has stopped barking so much. I will call my neighbour's across the road tomorrow to see if they know anything.


My sister is smart.

She has her faults, god knows, but I just spoke to her about *stuff* and she's smart. About some things.
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life begins - me

small update

Neighbour's fine.

Coughing away.

I think I preferred Zeus barking.

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