May 20th, 2008

life begins - me


- Put your book(s) in a handy place so you take them home.
- Think about the icon (I will too).
- Study if you can.
- Remember to put Steve in your bag tonight.
- Contact J and/or M to let them know what's happening.


See? I do what I'm told sometimes!
life begins - me


So yeah... this is completely charlies_dragon's fault.

My paranormal25 table...

Fandoms: Angel, BtVS, Supernatural (and crossovers amongst the three)

1.Séance 2.Ouija Board 3.Mothman 4.Incubus/ Succubus 5.Exorcism
6.Possession 7.Haunting 8.Necromancer 9.Crisis Apparition 10.Phantom Hitchhiker
11.Radiant Boys 12.Hell 13.Medium 14.Automatic Writing 15.Doppelganger
16.Amulet 17.Amityville 18.EVP/DVP/RVP 19.Famous Haunted Location 20.Retrocognition
21.Cemetery/ Mausoleum 22.Near-Death Experience 23.Writer's Choice 24.Writer's Choice 25.Writer's Choice