February 28th, 2009

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Salt & Burn Awards snafu

bugger bugger bugger...

Salt & Burn banners that I had to finalise? Were in a folder on my pen drive. I put said pen drive in sis's laptop yesterday to show her another file, sis's laptop decided the S&BBanners folder was a risk and quaranteened it without asking me if that was okay. Said folder is now not recognised by my own computer.

I've lost the banners I made over the week. I'm really narked at that because I'd worked to personalise them all.


So, to ensure I got them posted by the end of this month, I have made stand in ones using the base I have for the layout. They're not bad, they're just not what I wanted to have.

They're uploading as I type (no ftp on the library computer, I have to upload each file individually... good grief this is taking forever!).

Expect another announcement about the Salt & Burn Awards soon!
life begins - me

Salt & Burn Awards Winners!

The winners for round one of the Salt & Burn Awards have now been announced! Congratulations to each and every one of you - you made our lives as judges really difficult! The standard of fics entered has been mindblowing and judging was extended an extra four weeks to ensure decisions were based on sheer quality rather than speed. That said, I would like to apologise for the delay in posting these results - we have learned a great deal about how to operate the site in future and the next rounds should have a quicker turnaround.

There will be a special Readers' Choice awards opening for nominations on the first of March 2009. This will be a popular vote mini-round and will give you, the reader, the chance to show your appreciation for your favourite fic or author. Check back on the 1st for details!

eta Guys - I'm running out of time on the computer right now, I haven't yet emailed the winners to congratulate them and I've only managed to cross post to one comm. Could you all help me spread the word? I'll be back tomorrow (Sunday - on sis's computer) and will do as much as I can then. Thank you all!