April 21st, 2009

xander//happy place - emeraldswan

I R Happy

No, really.

Even though I can't get dotnetnuke to work (and seriously, why ask someone to design and manage a site for you if you're going to use a damn Microsoft CMS that she can't use?!)

Even though I feel kinda ill (what's new?) and my hayfever/skin allergies have kicked in with a vengeance.

Even though I don't have a working washing machine and have to trudge up the road every day with a rucksack full of laundry.

Even though I have twenty quid to see me through until my next benefit comes in.

Even though I have had to chase up every payment ever made through this benefit (and has usually meant I get it three or four days later than I'm supposed to).

Even though I can't book the bus to Birmingham yet because of the afore mentioned twenty quid to get me through the next week.

Even though I don't have a place to stay on the Sunday night at Asylum.

I R Happy.

Library's shut tomorrow and I should be working on this damn DotNetNuke thing anyway, so it'll be a while 'fore I'm back again, please to be linking me so I can catch up at the end of the week?

Also? What's Dreamwidth? I'm really out of the loop but scanning my flist I can see a bunch of people looking for codes for it? *is perplexed*

Oh! The White Knight Awards was nominated over at the RWS awards, but I think I missed the acceptance deadline what with not being online. That fact not withstanding, thank you to whomever nominated us! It's an absolute pleasure running those sites!