May 25th, 2009

head-desk - me


So I spent all morning working on graphics for something to post today and now I find I can't upload to any of the file sharing sites I can usually get to in the library. My own site needs FTP access for any files bigger than 2mb and they all are.

So now I have to go see sis and beg to use her computer. She's probably going to hover and it'll take ages (she's on mobile broadband) - the things I do for you people...

I may be back later with this elusive thing I want to post.

Or I may not.

Plus? I should probably think about what to pack for Asylum, since I'm getting a bus on Thursday night. Speaking of, how are the rest of the Scots getting there? And where's the bus station in relation to the hotel? I have been relatively calm about this con (given the givens) but today for some reason I've started to be a little flaily.
faith//black&white - me


A while back I ran a poll about fanmixes, the truth is I've been working on a few of 'em for a while now. I'm having trouble getting them uploaded reliably enough to share - hence the delay in posting them.

But, here's the first!

Faith: She's Not Innocent...