August 1st, 2009

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Awards sites

The Faith awards site was due to launch today. Voting was due to close on the White Knight Awards. Nominations were due to close on the Salt and Burn awards today. (Yes, i chose to make it a really busy day for some season!)
However, i had an accident mid-week and have basically busted my hand. I've been kinda spaced out on painkillers and as such have done bugger all. So... Slight postponement on everything right now. Voting/nominating remains open for a little while longer.
Sorry all!
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Morphine induced music appreciation

Question: enter sandman is the best song ever. Y/N
(Yay! The latest pain killer kicked in and scuzz tv are playing the 100 rock classics. Would be awesome if the track in question hadn't been at number 14)
Eta: dear scuzz tv - the only guns n roses track that should have been near the top twenty is 'sweet child o mine'. I'm a diehard rock chick and I've never heard this 'patience' crap you put at number 5. Seriously. Enter Sandman. S'all you need to say.
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