August 2nd, 2009

lvg//eliot calls bullshit on that

I still feel like the bad guy...

I just had to make this mod post at the i_need_a_parrot comm.

Part of me is in two minds as to the whole thing. I loathe doing plagiarism investigations because me and confrontation don't go together all that well. I was plagiarised once, a whole passage was lifted out of What a Difference a Day Makes by one of the most... notorious, shall we say, plagiarists in the Xander fandom. (What made it worse was that this person had given the chapter a positive review on when I still posted there so this person didn't even plausible deniability when uncovered - the one passage of mine was but a drop in the ocean in that particular instance though).

Back to the point though, retelling a film/song/book/myth/whatever by replacing the characters with fandom ones? Is it plagiarism? I've said no (when the source is properly credited as it was in the instance in question) and I'm aware that in the SPN fandom there was actually a challenge last year (may well be running this year as well, I dunno, it's RPS so it's not my thing) in which 'classic' films were to be rewritten featuring J2. (I beta'd one, that's how I know about it - the comm had 'reel' in the name, but that's all I remember right now)

I dunno. Personally these are not my thing at all. Yeah, sure, using a film/myth as a kicking off point - absolutely. But rewriting it in it's entireity? Why? I just...*

I feel like the bad guy here, no matter what I do.

(Sho needs a reminder that she runs the sites because she enjoys it...)

BTW - I never knew the human body could turn such interesting colours. There's a whole damn spectrum right there on my hand.

* ETA on the other hand (and after another pain pill has kicked in) isn't it more of a challenge to a writer to focus so intensely on a story? Me, when I'm writing, I often wonder at the twists and turns the characters take me. I don't think I could be disciplined enough to follow a plot laid out by another writer. Hell, moscow_watcher should probably know that Crimson Regret was the one story I started with a definite end in site and yet when I started writing it the characters didn't like that ending and as such the story has faltered. It will finish when I acknowledge it and get back to writing it. (straww poll: original concept ending or character influenced ending? Either can be made to work!)

*is confused about everything*
*morphine is awesome* (as a prescribed pain relief medication, obvs.)
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