August 3rd, 2009

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worse headache ever...

Plus, I can't get online via my phone today, guess they finally cut me off. (Should be back on the 17th) and there's always the library. But yes, I'll be cheerfully vegetating in the house wondering at how the central part of the colourfulness of my hand is already yellow when there's other parts that are actually blue/purple.

It's awesome.

Anyways - wanted to say thanks to everyone for the shoulders last night.

life begins - me

Salt & Burn Awards Nominations Reminder

Nominations are still open on the site and will remain so until this weekend coming.

We are desperately short of nominations in the following categories:


All other cateogories are still accepting nominations as well, but those are the most in need at the moment.

Pimping of the site would be awesome too...

Salt & Burn Awards - Round Two