August 10th, 2009

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SITES!!! (again)

Firstly - the WKA votes have now been verified (after I spent far too long faffing about with an Excel spreadsheet and trying to work out why it wasn't totalling properly. Me and Excel? Not friends...) I'm in the process of collecting graphics for the banners and hope to have the winners announced at the end of the week.

S&BA - I need to email the judges today, I cloistered myself away this weekend and then realised that I didn't contact anyone. Sorry about that girls - expect an email in the next hour or so!

Now the big news!

Gotta Have Faith awards

The Faith Awards site now not only has a name, but is open for nominations! I'm desperate for judges since this will be a partly judged/partly voted for site. If you're interested either comment here or email the site:

And, as if that wasn't enough for a weekend's work...

Fulcrum - a Leverage fan reference and resource site

The Leverage site is now open... kinda. The only content on there at the moment is the transcript for the Pilot which robinyj has compiled. I've been toying with the idea for this site for a while now, and when Robinyj asked if anyone knew where she could post her transcripts, it seemed the perfect time to get going with it. I'm working on content for it now, but if anyone has anything they'd like to contribute - character profiles, actor bios, episode guides, pictures, graphics, transcripts etc - please email the site at this address: fulcrum@


Thank you to my wonderful flist who suggested the name 'fulcrum' by the way - a lot of you quoted Archimedes at me when I was pondering and this is the result!

Now I'm off to email the judges at S&BA and start downloading all the fics I have to judge as well.

(the icon's new btw, I would say this was a GIP but with everything else I've had to post about... *g*)

ETA CROSSOVERS!!! Balls - hang on, I'll go add that category to the Faith site. Anyone with a cool name for it gets a drabble of their choice written for 'em in appreciation!