October 17th, 2009

life begins - me

No fic today

Sorry guys - there's no fic today. Got caught up with random shit (not the least of which was the fact that right now my local shop is selling Budweiser at ridiculously low prices and my fridge ain't working all that well).

It's in my notepad (for some reason CR is one of the fics I write longhand first and then amend/expand it when typing it up) and will be on the pen drive tomorrow. I swear it.

Plus, I'm working on another fanmix. Well, when I say working on, it's actually complete in terms of track choices and order. I just need to do the artwork.

Which I refuse to do until I've finished a draft work for bellatemple.

And naol, have saved it to the pen drive, will take a pass tonight and get back to you asap.

emeraldswan - sorry honey, I don't have that picture you were looking for. I do however have a long-standing half-done project the same as the one you're working on. Would you be interested in me sending you what I have?

thedothatgirl, Victorian Flotation Tank Advert. *snorts*

hopeless_cynic, *hugs*

kitty_cat89 - Any time. Please know that.

And thus ends the cryptic messages.