February 18th, 2010

life begins - me

Fic up for adoption

So, I've been thinking about doing this for awhile now, a couple of years to be honest, and I've finally decided to let it go.

I am not going to ever be able to finish Off Course because I started to be bored by, and then eventually to hate Lost.

So the story is up for adoption, if you want to take it and run with it then it's yours. The only thing I'd ask is that if you use my original starting chapter you acknowledge me as the writer of that part.

Collapse )

So that's it. If you want it, it is yours, just let me know?

Off Course, yours for the asking
me//steve carlson - me

To Steve or not to Steve, that's the question...

So Steve Carlson's coming back to London in March. I'd kinda resigned myself to not going for various reasons, but aditu_az has just put the idea in my head again...

I just checked, I can get a Megabus for 11quid each way, the gig itself is a tenner. If I have to I could probably find a hotel room for a night.

Money itself isn't an issue (paying for things with no credit or debit card is, but that's another problem).

So... should I go? I really wanna but I don't want to make people uncomfortable. Which is possible depending on who else is going...

*is confused*

An if anyone would like to convince me to go by coming with me, I'd be more than up for that!