April 24th, 2010

music//steve b&w - me

LJ Layout for Cat

For my wonderful aditu_az who saved my sanity in London and who is having a little bit of a tough time right now.

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Working preview: giftlayouttest

Obviously, this is personalised for Cat, since she is in the pictures. If anyone would like something similar, let me know and I'll see what I can work out for you.

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text//busy reading fanfic - martoufmarty

There are still good fics out there, right?

No RL posting. It's a kinda hiatus.

I love fic. Or rather, I should say, I love good fic.

Bad fic makes me cry inside in my special angry place. And with a few exceptions (mostly written by my flist and a couple of others) all I'm seeing now is bad fic.

Make me smile?

Recc me something recent, write me something, show me good fic is still out there?

(Buffyverse, Angel, Supernatural*, Leverage, Doctor Who (9, 10 or 11), Serenifly, Dollhouse, Dark Angel, Wonderfalls)

*I'm a couple of eps behind current in SPN, just warn me and I'll save it till I've caught up