November 26th, 2012

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I Need A Parrot - Spam attacks (*grrrs*)

Apologies for the influx of spam reviews that have hit the I Need a Parrot site lately. I'm working on deleting them all and banning the offenders.

Unfortunately with a site such as this we are never going to be completely immune to this kind of thing and we can only beat them together. If you have received a spam review on any of your stories - or if you've noticed them on someone else's story while you've been reading - please let me know either by using the 'report a violation of rules' option on the site or by emailing directly to with a link to the offending review and/or user.

In addition, I am going through the member list and deleting the obvious spam bots and it would help immeasurably if genuine members could edit their profiles with some kind of indication that they are actual people and not spam bots.

Thank you all for your patience!

Shona (aka Mara)