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Pimping a new RPG

Humanity’s day is over, the Old Ones have regained control and humans have been hunted almost to the point of extinction. The ultimate battle between good and evil was fought and we lost.

The world as we know it is gone, sacrifices were made, casualties were heavy. The survivors are banding together to eke out an existence, struggling to survive, striving to get through one more day. Waiting for the opportunity to fight back, to regain control of their destiny. Is that time at hand?

Unfortunately it looks as though _end_of_days has suffered a catastrophic implosion, but we had fun while it lasted so rileysaplank and I got together and started thinking about ways we could replicate that fun. Welcome to _inthedarkness a post-Chosen BtVS/AtS LJ RPG. We're waiting for a few more characters to sign up before we get going but the goal is a simple one. Humanity is beaten back to a handful of unlikely survivors. They're struggling to get through another day and are determined to fight back anyway they can.

Interested? Check out the info page and email us at and if you are, or leave a comment here with the following info: Name/LJ name:
Character applying for:
Sample of writing: (links to an archive site are fine)
Character information: (where you see the character going, what you plan to do with them)
RPG experience: (don't worry if you've never RPG'd before, we all have to start somewhere!)

We're going to take the pressure off a little, scenes with other characters are not going to be the frantic "we have to get this finished in an hour because Sho has to get up for work in the morning" affairs they could be at EOD, but hey - apply and we'll let you know the way we want to play it (or Andy will, 'cause he understands it better than me!)

As you'll see from the userinfo, Andy and I are down for two characters each. I don't want any one player to ever have more than that - it gets too confusing and if that one person is absent for an extended time it can lead to the story grinding to a halt. (Like in November/December on EOD when a certain person (me) playing six characters couldn't post. *g*) Plus, if you want to play one of my characters, just holler - I'm open to negotiation!

C'mon, you know you want to!

ETA Knew I meant to say this earlier - this game will have a 15 rating.
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