the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone


And how much do I love that word? (Scunnered - Scots for fed up to the back teeth, can't be arsed, bored out of my mind)

I'm doing the most mundane boring checking of lists ever at work, needs done though so there's nothing I can do but get through it. Had some random bloke who's been disciplined by the Uni Court for harrassment email me this morning, as well as every other member of staff of the uni he could find, with a list of grievances and a demand that we all help him in his case. And then to top it all, my usual contact at our suppliers is on holiday and the person covering her is a rude biatch.

Me: "Our access to this journal has gone down, could you look into this for me?"
Them: Your access is down because you cancelled it in Dec 2004! Please update your records!" (their punctuation)
Me: "We cancelled our print order at the end of last year and put in a new order for online only. Could you confirm this and update your records?"
Them: "Well you gave me the wrong reference number!"

(I gave her the reference number we have on file, plus our reference number which I know they have on file as well. They changed their reference number at some point and I have no record of that change)

Another title

Me: Hi, our access to this journal has gone down on the Nature site. Could you look into this for me?
Them: "Nature changed their conditions as of 31/12/2004 where by online access is no longer free with print and an order for a site licence only must be placed for 2005 in order to receive access."
Me: according to our records we upgraded our order to print & online back in 2002 so we weren't actually using the free online with print option at all. Could you check your records for me?
Them: I have checked the subscription and can confirm that no upgrade was entered or requested.

My Boss on the 23rd Dec 2004: For the Nature Academic and Society journals, please renew the following as *print+online* subs (list includes the title I'm asking about)

I'm probably being a bit 'chip on the shoulder' here, but this woman seems to be going out of her way to annoy me today. Can't wait to see the next answer...
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