the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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The ligament in my right wrist was torn years ago. It was incredibly painful at the time and it still causes me pain now and then. When it's bad I have to wear a splint on my wrist (which incidentally looks like an archery glove but longer) and take very strong painkillers which apparently can also be used as an anaesthetic for surgery. (I could get it operated on and repaired/replaced but I'm not a big fan of scalpels really)

My right wrist is sore now. I have my splint on, I've struck the balance between being spaced out and being in pain so all's well with the world.


My left wrist is coming out in sympathy pains. There's nothing wrong with it (I hope) it's just after typing for about five minutes it gives this really sharp jarring pain all the way up my arm and then calms down. Sympathy pain.


I will reply to all the comments about the essay soon, I promise.
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